History of the taverna - Agios Gordios, Taverna Theodoros

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This is our story…

early 1960...

a  young couple, Olga and Theodoros Dukakis, took a risky decision to turn  a part of their sea view garden into a small place selling simple home  made food, refreshments and home made wine,
a place the Greeks prefer to call as "taverna".
Olga and Theodoros preferred to call it "Gonia" (Γωνιά), meaning the corner in Greek, due to it's location!

"Taverna Theodoros" was born and since then has been a family concern.

Taverna Theodoros was the only place serving food and drinks in whole Agios-Gordios, to the few at the time local visitors.
For  the young couple their new begining in life was very difficult.  Electricity was not existing, there was not a proper road leading to  Agios-Gordios instead they were using the small donkey path to get to  their place.
They had to carry all the necessary supplies with their hands from the near by village of Sinarades.
Petrol to run the old style small fridge and few old lamps, gas for cooking, food supplies...

Despite the huge difficulties and the hard work the young couple did not give up and continued to work on their small place.
They always thought that by working hard and taking care of their small taverna they could do it.
And they were right...
as  a reward the reputation of their place was growing fast and more and  more locals were visiting Agios-Gordios to swim and enjoy the family  cooking of Olga, her Meatballs, Stifado, Pastitsada. Add to all these  the cheerful and pleasant personality of Theodoros and no wonder why in  little time the taverna turn to be a meeting point for the Corfiots.

For  over than three and a half decades both they stood behing their small  sea side garden and "Gonia" marked their lifes and turned to be not only  their home but also their profession.

The taverna is now run by the present generation of the Dukakis family.
The  two sons, Fotis and Tassos, have taken over the family business and  renovated the place in 2002-2003, keeping the original style exactly as  it was.

Hana,  Tassos's wife, has taken over from Olga all her recipes and added her  imagination and effort in order to preserve the family style cooking!!!

We invite you to visit our Taverna and compine the Greek
kitchen with the peaceful and friendly atmosphere....
Traditional family cooking
Simplicity and Originality
Each day we select and offer you fresh Greek products of the highest quality. Our menu includes dishes from the famous Greek kitchen, prepared daily in the house, in a family environment.

Traditional family cooking
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