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Agios-Gordios...then and now!!!
Agios-Gordios is a summer resort 23 km from the center of Corfu, the Greek island located at the west part of the country, in the Ionian sea.
Apart from being a perfect destination for summer vacation, Agios-Gordios has some intresting paths, for those who like hiking as a plus on their vacation.
Some of the paths available for hiking follow below.
the village of Pentati is a small, traditional fishing village on the  west coast of the Greek island of Corfu. Situated 200m above sea level  and over-looking the famous Ortholithi rock. Pentati is within walking  distance of the bustling holiday resort of Agios Gordios and only 18km from Corfu Town. Pentati is well known for its annual Sardine and Fish Festivals that take place at the old school but not so well known is its long historical asscociation with pirates and smugglers.
Pentati  has a population of some 300, mainly employed in  agriculture, fishing and tourism. The villagers are warm and friendly.
The view to Pentati
An old traditional village it was first documented in the 15th century  although the village is thought to be far older, ancient Roman graves  have been discovered just outside the village and it is believed the  area was inhabited at this time. Sinarades is set in the hills above  Agios Gordios beach and it is thought the village in its current  location was built around the 10th to 11th century by inhabitants of  villages along the shoreline that had moved further inland for  protection against pirates. In the village, in a traditional two-story  house you will find The Historic folklore museum of Sinarades which was  established in 1982 by the Historical-Folklore Society of Corfu and  exhibits items from the period 1860-1960. A beautiful village with  narrow streets, beautiful architecture and old houses with embossed  entrances and old churches with high belfries Sinarades is well worth  visiting. There are many wonderful walks in the area which is green and  lush with plenty of trees and wonderful scenery.

Sinarades traditional village
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