The family cooked menu of the taverna Theodoros - Agios Gordios, Taverna Theodoros

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LUNCH - Dinner

Simplicity.Originality.Taverna Theodoros
Our menu

includes dishes from the famous Greek kitchen.
Corfiot specialities such as Pastitada, Sofrito,
Stifado or Moussaka, Meatballs but also a variety
of fresh local fishes, cooked on the grill.
Lunch    11 am - 6 pm
Lunch at taverna Theodoros
During the day we are open offering lunch or light snacks
Dinner  6:30 pm - 11 pm
Dinner at taverna Theodoros
Enjoy your evenings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, away from noises.
Enjoy your meal in our taverna by watching the breathtaking views of the amazing sunset in Agios-Gordios, which every night is different
Traditional family cooking
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